Things Cockfighting is a Common Feature of a CCTV Security Camera

Things Cockfighting is a Common Feature of a CCTV Security Camera

Cockfighting involves two specially-bred roosters, each with razor-sharp spurs on their legs. It is a blood sport that can end in death. is an ancient Eastern sport with a strong following in Western countries.

CCTV security cameras are part of surveillance and security systems that aim to prevent crime and catch criminals. These surveillance cameras are not new as they can be found almost everywhere: train stations, offices and homes, shops, restaurants, parks, and even on the roads.

Perhaps you are wondering what the similarities are between a blood sport camera and a security camera for CCTV. Continue reading.

Both Can Get You Jail

Cockfighting is banned in the United States as well as most European countries. However, certain areas of France are exempted by the ban because the sport has a long-standing history that the state recognizes. Combats de coq, as they are known in France, can still be committed outside the villages and could land them up to two years imprisonment. Even if you are only found with paraphernalia for cockfighting outside of the villages, it can lead to a jail sentence. However, attendance at cockfights is not prohibited for non-French.

For violating the laws against cockfighting, you could face imprisonment or fines. This includes everything that has to do with fighting cocks, from their possession to placing bets. Two men were caught in Bristol by CCTV cameras engaging in cockfights. The consequences of this are that you could be sentenced to jail.

However, any shenanigans that you do in front of a CCTV camera security camera could land you in jail. Stolen jewelry from a pawnshop? Do you shoplift from a department store? Do you speed on the highways? Speeding on the highways? Cheating at the casinos? Even an affair? These crimes can be caught on CCTV security cameras and could cost you a lot of money.

Both expose you to dangers

Cockfighting can be deadly for the roosters as well. Cockfighting can also expose you to dangers in cockpits (a term for places where cockfights take place).

Gambling is a common practice in cockfights.
– Firearms, and other weapons that are used to protect large sums of money for gambling purposes
Illegal drugs, especially since law enforcement officers have found a strong link between cockfighting narcotics

You are also exposing your children to dangers not even violent games and shows can match. This is real blood and real life.

A CCTV security camera, on the other hand exposes you the dangers associated with involuntary surveillance. Imagine what you would feel if your images were captured on tape without your permission and the footage was used for criminal purposes.

A CCTV security camera can alert you to danger, especially when it has zoom-and focus, pan-and tilt, and zoom-and-tilt features. This is not a bad trade-off, if you think about it. It can be viewed as an intrusion on your privacy to ensure public safety.

Next time you feel the urge to get into cockfights make sure you’re in an area that allows them. You can find them in Puerto Rico, Guam, Guam, Guam, France’s Nord-Pas de Calais, as well as Asian countries such the Philippines or India.