The 4 Keys to Great Leadership: These are the 4 Keys That Will Make You a Leader

The 4 Keys to Great Leadership: These are the 4 Keys That Will Make You a Leader

Present Situation:

Jason Daniel Hare business leaders hold the title of manager. But, very few of them are true leaders. This argument has been around for a long time. So what is the difference between being a manager and a leader in an organization? People feel that leaders are automatically made when they rise to manager status. These people justify their statement by saying that because they have subordinates, it makes them a leader. Unfortunately, most MBA graduates feel that they are automatically a leader because they have graduated from our colleges.

I don’t believe that being a manager means you are now a leader. Many people find themselves in positions where they can be trusted to lead, but are far from being leaders. You can see the current situation both in the domestic and international news. Ghadfi was recently expelled in Libya, Sadam was thrown in Iraq, Mubarak was thrown in Egypt, and Bashar al–Assad is currently facing similar problems within Syria. All of these people believed they were great leaders for their people. While their intentions may have been noble and genuine to overthrow corrupt systems that existed before, they became selfish, rather than leaders, after they achieved power. They became self-serving individuals rather than true leaders. They believed that all people would agree with their views, and they only allowed their own opinions to be heard. People will not tolerate this behavior for too long. If it continues to happen, another leader from within the community will emerge. They will appear to be serving the best interest the community and will get the support of the entire community to overthrow their corrupt regime.

How about here in the United States. It seems Congress is incapable of passing a budget. Too many elected officials try to serve their interests and so many laws are blocked. Compromise can be seen as weakness, even when it is done to the greater good for the community. The government doesn’t get much done in the timeframes required to succeed. Yes, this is an exaggerated description. But if our leaders didn’t have egos, wouldn’t we get some positive results?

You can see the effect of this on the business world. How many executives are being fired or imprisoned for only serving their interests? The list includes Madoff, Lay, Ebers, plus many other business leaders and executives. All the companies that were given bail outs by the government continued to pay high salaries and bonuses for the same executives. All this is evidence that we lack “True Leadership”.

What’s Leadership?

A group of people can have many different perspectives and opinions. Many people believe that leaders are born. You cannot create a leader. This is a big mistake in the idea of developing leaders. Over the years, both the military and, to a lesser extent, businesses have been training leaders. I like the U.S. Army definition of leadership I learned more than 30 year ago.

“Leadership refers to influencing people with purpose, direction and motivation. It also helps the organization achieve its mission and improve itself. ”

This was the definition I learned in U.S. Army Basic Training 1973. It was part of our training. We were expected and expected to be leaders in our respective areas. We were offered many opportunities to succeed on the job. In the event that we did not have the skills or knowledge to handle additional responsibility, we received remedial training. We were taught how to constantly seek more responsibility and how to improve our knowledge and skills so that we can be the best soldiers possible.


In 1975, I attended the 7th Army Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy. It was located in Bad Tolz FROG. I was motivated to be the best Army NCO and volunteered to go to this academy. This academy was regarded as one of the toughest (or best) NCO Academies of the U.S Army. I graduated in top 4% of my class. I was number 10 from the 250 who graduated. I learned four main lessons while attending the Academy, which have been invaluable in my life and helped me to thrive under any circumstance. These were:

Know Your Men
You must make timely decisions
Communicate your Strategic Intent
Keep your sights on the mission

These keys support the idea that we learned that if people take care and take care, they will also take care when we need them. In civilian situations, when you are faced with difficult decisions (e.g. Combat, your entire team has loaded weapons. You can imagine what could happen if your leader is not truly concerned for the welfare of your people.

These four keys are what allowed me success in leading teams in the most difficult situations, both military and civilian. Leaders that are authentic and trying to get out the best of their employees will attract positive responses. These types of leaders are a common trait in history, making impossible tasks possible. Being a great leader means being a servant-leader. This means putting the best interests of the company and the well being of the people first. This doesn’t mean that you don’t manage the business. It simply means that you balance the company’s goals with the individual’s.