Natural Gas is an abundant source of energy

Natural Gas is an abundant source of energy


The New Energy savior: Natural Gas To The Rescue
What do you think of $1.50 gasoline? You might be able to get it lower with the latest advancements in Natural Gas extracting methods. Large American corporations are switching to Natural Gas trucks for their diesel-powered engines. All accounts claim that we are the Saudi Arabian of Natural Gas. Many estimates place the reserves at sufficient to last at minimum 100 years.

CNG (compressed gas) vehicles are already manufactured by automobile companies abroad. Once they start manufacturing them here, they will sell. They will be bought by people and oil-producing nations will feel the pinch as they watch the demand for gas drop. But then, the scare tactic will start.

Everybody will hear that we don’t possess the infrastructure necessary to fuel the vehicles. We will hear that cars will explode and prove too dangerous. I say BULL

T. Boone Pickens was trying get Congress and Obama to hear him talk about Natural Gas transportation. Obama didn’t want to discuss Electric Vehicles when he tried to get them to listen. There is still a long way to go before vehicle batteries can be used for more than just transportation around town.

CNG vehicles can also be used to fuel your car with Canada Natural Gas. CNG vehicles can also be sold at service stations that are aware of this fact. It was only two Ethanol stations when we lived in the state a few years ago. Then, Ethanol production went up and there were hundreds more pumps within a short time span.

Next, think about the future potential for Fuel Cell vehicles. All of this isn’t a pipedream. It will be realized sooner than people think. Chicago’s entire fleet of buses was powered by a Fuel Cell program. This program was in place around 15-20 years ago. It’s amazing to think of all the Chicago buses. This is what every big city should have.

Have you ever thought about $1.50 gas? I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I do think it could be lower.

While people are talking about how much gasoline China will use in the future, they do not know that China is developing alternative fuel programs. As I’m sitting here right now, I can be certain that OPEC is going to want its oil out soon. The world will turn to us for their energy requirements. (CNG)

That’s all for today. It makes me happy to see OPEC shake in their boots. I hope our politicians are as happy as mine.


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