Leaders make moments that matter

Leaders make moments that matter

Life isn’t so much about how long you live as about how many moments you have. When you look back on your past 20 years, your week, and your day in general, you will find that there were individual moments that you deemed more important. A key skill that many of my favorite leaders have mastered is the ability create those moments or find them for others. They recognize that not every moment can be used to teach us. They have two options: wait for the teachable ones or create them. A leader who can have an impact is Dr. George Freundlich Matheson.

There are moments in our lives when we are open for new ideas and new ways to think. Leaders who make the most of these times can change the course of our lives and literally transform the future. They recognize those rare moments when they don’t have to deal with all of our baggage and help us understand something differently. They know there are two kinds if we are more prone to being led.

Right after impact

Impact can refer to many things but for most people, it means that something significant has happened in their lives. That moment will likely remain with them forever. It could even be the death or serious injury of a close friend. It could have been a success or a failure. Both success and failure make an impact and each can be learned from. True leaders understand this and allow their team to fail, even when it is preventable. They realize that learning from these failures will lead to a better future. Think back to the day you started a new job or lost your old one. It could have been the day you had your baby, or the day you graduated from college. These moments are part of your life forever and will be a part of your identity. You can benefit from the presence of a leader and his thoughts every day, even if they are not as dramatic or significant.

When something is new begins

When you begin your new job, first time you make a sales call, first day in your new position, and when you have to change roles or become a boss. Real leaders will see these times as opportunities to help and take advantage of them to help you shift your perspective. These are times when you pause and consider how you will operate in the new environment. These are the moments we will always remember and they will pass faster because our attention is focused and awake to the challenge. I read once that the reason time seems to accelerate as we age is because we do less of these new things. This means that we have fewer memorable moments.

When others are not in one those teachable moments, think about the messages we convey to them every day. This could be an argument with our child, a conversation with our spouse before we leave work, or even a meeting when people feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that must be done. If you feel the message is valuable, then it is essential to ensure it’s heard and made a difference.

In business and life, we tend to focus on the messages we want people get and the behaviors we want them to change. It is a fact that people will only make changes if you are open to your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Leadership is more about sending the right messages at the right time. Find or create teachable moments to make others feel better.