Keys To Becoming An Effective Leader!

Keys To Becoming An Effective Leader!

What is a leader, first? According to the dictionary, a leader is someone who leads or guides others. What makes someone a leader?

Aristotle stated that three things are required to be a great leader. Persuasion, ability to touch emotions, ability to get people to do something.

Were You Born A Leader?

Are leaders born? Experience and age do not make you a leader. You don’t need to hold a title or a degree to be able to lead. It takes effort to become a leader and hard work.

True leaders are someone others admire and believe in. This leader is not one who focuses on getting others to follow him. It is important to gain their trust so that they will follow you in the right direction.

Be a Follower First

To be a great leader, you must first be a good follower. Learn what it’s like to follow someone and why. Consider what motivates you to follow a leader and then adopt their traits to become a leader.

The United States Military trains leaders by teaching them how to be followers. First, a cat learns to hunt food by following its mother. Then they become the leaders for their kittens.

Influence is the key to being a Mike McGahan CLV Group This does not mean that you should hypnotize someone or force them to follow you. It must be natural. They will follow you because of who you are and what you have done. True leaders don’t do it for their own gain; they help others.

Be Passionate, Be Strong

It is difficult to be a leader. Even the most powerful leader can have bad days. They are able to lead regardless of how awful or difficult their day was. They are not only skilled, but they also have passion. They are driven forward by their passion.

Everybody makes mistakes. It takes a strong person who is willing to admit it. True leaders will admit they were wrong and move on. You will be criticized more often if you continue to insist that you are right. People will be grateful for leaders who are able to admit their mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Share your power

Giving up your power and sharing it with others is one of the best ways to be a leader. It is important to empower others and share your power. You will see that many of the greatest leaders of our time were people who helped others succeed. They were a great leader because they helped others.

Leaders must have a clear vision about where they are going. They must not be afraid of the unknown or doubt their abilities. They need to remain positive and see obstacles as only stepping stones. To have others believe in them, they must believe fully in themselves.

Leadership is An Art

Dwight Eisenhower once stated that leadership is the art of convincing someone else to do what you want, because they want it.

Good leaders don’t try to do everything and control everyone. How would they be able to inspire good followers if they tried? Good followers need to feel respected and have some responsibility. True leaders will ask their followers for advice.