Indoor Soccer Game Rules

Indoor Soccer Game Rules

Everything changes as the days pass. Every aspect of life is improving and the soccer game is no exception. Indoor bong da truc tuyen has seen a number of improvements, including the introduction of new rules.

While these rules might differ for every soccer body, there are some general guidelines that can be used to guide the game.

Field size, shape and overall arena specifications
Indoor soccer arenas can be rectangular or oblong in shape, with artificial grass floors. It may be played on basketball courts with hardwood floors. An indoor soccer arena must have at least 6 foot walls to cordon the ball. There may be a variation in the ceiling height. The field measures roughly 200 feet by 85ft in size.

To avoid any players or balls hitting the wall, the goals had to be pressed against the wall. The penalty area is also smaller due to its size.

The Game’s Duration
Indoor soccer is shorter than outdoor soccer. Indoor soccer has quarters. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes. There is a three minute break between the 1st and second quarters, and then another three minute break between the third and fourth quarters. Half-time is marked by a 15 minute break between the 2nd quarter and the 3rd quarter. A tie occurs after 60 minutes of play time has expired. If this happens, a 15-minute overtime extension is permitted until either team scores a goal.

Composition of a Team
Each team can have up to six players, including the goalie. Substitution is allowed during the game, provided that the substitute must leave the field before the substitute enters. Slide tackle is not allowed here.

These are not the only rules for indoor soccer. Other rules can vary depending on which ruling body they are.