Horse 84vn Betting – The Mindset of The Betting Pro

Horse 84vn Betting – The Mindset of The Betting Pro

This is the final article in my series about betting on horse racing. I discuss the importance of having the mindset of a pro. How can we get that mindset?

It is difficult to maintain a winning mindset or mindset as a Betting Pro every day, but it is essential if you want to be able to make consistent income from your horse 84vn betting.

This is what sets the elite 1% of elite betting pros apart from all the other “punters” and “gamblers” who want to make money betting on horses.

What’s our “mindset?”?

You can teach people how to win at betting. How to set up a betting bank, set stakes, read forms and make selections. You can learn all of this.

Each of us has a different level or risk tolerance, which means that we take different risks, are more comfortable taking certain losses, and have different patience levels. We also have different rules to follow. Our character is naturally unique, and this is what I refer to as our “mindset”.

While we can all learn the same skills, each person will use them differently. This is something I have learned from my subscribers and members. I can teach 30 people the fundamental skills, and supply them with the same selections. But each person will have different results.

How can we change our outlook?

What’s the mindset of The Pro vs. The Punter

First, we need to look at the mindset of the Betting Pro.

Decisive- The first thing that I notice about successful Bettors is how determined they take decisions and stick with them. While the average punter is uncertain about what to do and flitting between systems, I find this to be the most striking characteristic of the successful.

Patient They are patient and realize that they make profits every month, season by season and not just day by day. Many punters do the exact opposite. They are always pushing things and trying to chase down losses, even if they lose. This is a short-term approach.

Emotionally Disengaged – The Betting Pro doesn’t worry about the outcome of every bet. He is confident that he will make more money each month by simply managing his money well. A punter with poor money management skills will worry about every bet. He will continue to stake more to make more profit, and also lose more.

Disciplined The Betting Pro is a logical and rational betger. Each bet is thoroughly researched and will ensure his success. He is confident that his decisions will earn him money over time. The punter will continue to gamble, making unintended selections based only on irrational hunches and hearsay.

Betting within Means- Back to money management again. The Pro knows exactly what stake he’s placing and why. He will only bet within his betting bank. The punter will not bet with money that isn’t needed, but will become emotionally attached to the outcome and its importance.

Accepts Results with Equanimity The Pro will not jump up and down when his horse wins, or cry his way home if his horse loses. He will leave that responsibility to the gamblers and punters who take everything too personally. Tomorrow is another day, and profits will follow.

TIP: Take a moment to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement. Start to form the habits that will make you a winner and help you win when it comes to placing your bets.

Patience and Discipline

You must have patience and perseverance to keep your “betting strategy” in place. It is easy to do this when you are enjoying a winning streak. But what if you’re experiencing a long losing streak? A run that lasts for a week and doesn’t produce any wins. The true Pro is disciplined and confident in his abilities.

You will find it easier to bet for longer periods of time. This is not only because of what you’ve learned, but also because you have been through the highs and lows of your career. Because you have seen the good times through the bad, you know you can weather any storm and still enjoy the sun.


You are probably realizing that the life of a true Pro Bettor does not include the glamorous lifestyle you might imagine. There will be some fun times throughout the year, and at big meetings. The Pro is still out there, day after day, making steady profits, perfecting his strategy, and building his stakes, giving him a huge income.

He will often make a loss or break even before his profits start to come in on the big day. Sometimes you only have four or five days in a month that bring in 90%. But it is how you approach those remaining days that will determine whether you are a winner or a loser.

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