Hair Color – Beauty Is Not in a Box

Hair Color – Beauty Is Not in a Box

We’ve all seen commercials promoting at-home hair color products , as well as endless aisles filled with boxes of hair colors at the local drugstore or grocery store. The process appears so easy and the price isn’t rivaled, isn’t it? The thing that many people don’t realize is that the disadvantages of the color box are far more significant than the benefits.

A lot of hair color companies not only make color boxes They also make professional am i addicted to my phone colors that salons can use on their clients. What is the different? There are many color companies that use different grade of ingredients they employ. The less expensive products typically are found in the aisle of hair colors. They make use of less expensive ingredients in order to reduce costs to earn a more profits. They then market the best hair colors to certified professionals who know the best in their area. There’s a valid reason for why the color being sold on the market is not the one that professionals apply to your hair.

As a hairstylist of my new clients I meet in my studio with hair that’s dry and with lots of frizz are coloring their hair. I see lots of heads of hair every week , and the texture that the box coloring creates isn’t appealing. Hair is dull and the moisture was sucked off the hair. The cuticle is raised and feels like straw. A majority of people who are using box color do not use professional styling products, and even if they do using professional styling products, they’re damaging their hair more with box color than the case if they didn’t use any of the products.

Applying color from the box to hair is not an easy task. While the directions are clear however, it can be difficult for individuals to put the colour on their hair. The result is spots caused due to uneven application, overlap hair colors (which is extremely damaging) and messy bathrooms. It is possible to avoid this by visiting a professional or are able to convince a relative to put on the color.

If you are walking through the aisle of hair colors and you are able to see hundreds of boxes with different colors How do you determine which one to pick? The majority of people will choose the one that is the most appealing hue on their front, and decide which one is the most suitable shade to their hair. However, is that really the case? It’s probably not. We’ve all heard horror stories of color that people have said about: “My hair turned green!” and “It was way darker than the picture!” While clients are in the chair of a hair stylist there are a variety of aspects that the stylist will take into consideration when deciding on the shade to use on the hair of the client. A few of these are the percentage of gray, the integrity of hair, client’s skin tone , eye color, the frequency they’re outdoors as well as their lifestyle, hair color and current hair color (which isn’t always exactly the same as the natural hair color) along with various other factors that are discussed during a consult. Professionals who work as cosmetologists are constantly time trying to perfect the process of color. When they mix the client’s color , they don’t use just one color , and apply all of it on the head. When they’re looking for a solid-colored appearance, they mix a variety of colors and occasionally employ one color in the roots and another through the ends. If a person is searching for new hair colors in the Beauty aisle it is likely to be a solid color. Often, it’s not the best shade for the person.

Another reason why the final appearance of the color from the box isn’t very appealing is the way it’s opaque is. A majority of products are permanent, which is appealing since everyone wants their colors to fade, but it’s not the best option. The process of pulling a permanent color from the scalp to the ends can cause to leave hair looking dull and muddy, with minimal or shining. The majority of ends are porous, and when an permanent color is applied on the ends, they soak it up and is likely to appear darker than the roots. Also, a solid color that has no sparkle or dimension looks natural. Additionally, every boxes that say it’s “semi permanent,” quite could be false. Although it claims that it rinses in after 20 times of shampooing it usually leaves a demarcation line which is a permanent alteration of hair. The advertisements can be misleading.

“What if I don’t like the color that I got from the box?” Given all the previously mentioned issues, the majority of people will not be content with the color that they got in the package. If the color becomes into a dark color, or becomes too dark, or looks unattractive, the individual is left with only a few options at the store to correct the issue. If there were a variety of choices, many would not know which color to pick. The person with the wrong color should to a professional salon. The majority of stylists consider this service a color correction . However, it can be quite expensive. It can also be complex and can take hours or even several appointments.