Effectiveness is the most important word in small business leadership

Effectiveness is the most important word in small business leadership

What is effectiveness? What is effectiveness? Effectiveness is a focus on the tasks that help an organization fulfill its mission and reach its vision.

One time, it was said that 95%of the decisions made by Fortune 500 CEOs in the United States could have been made by an average high school senior. However, the remaining 5% is what justifies their extravagant salaries.

What is so special about the 5% who make decisions and are rewarded so well? It is the ability of making the right decisions at just the right time that helps the organization achieve its mission and maximize shareholder value.

This is what small business leaders need to know. Similar to the small business leader, the effectiveness of the organization is what propels it forward and moves the business closer toward achieving its vision.

To make good business decisions, you must be focused on the organization’s mission. Also, be more loyal to your mission than anyone else.

Human nature allows us to make decisions on the basis of emotion, desperation and a host other reasons. However, business success is only possible when the organization’s vision is the driving force behind every decision the business leader makes.

The Captain for the Ship

The captain of the ship, the Brandon Long Marketing Consultant leader, is responsible for getting the whole organization to its destination. This requires determination and strength. The captain does not allow emotions to influence him when he has to let go an employee or confront the leadership team about other important but less desirable decisions.

The business leader has no right to make decisions which will ultimately not benefit the mission. It is a mistake for a business leader to allow himself or herself to get distracted. This can damage the organization’s foundation, and it will make it harder to support the mission.

A Common Leadership Pitfall

One of the biggest distractions for small business owners I have seen is the decision by the owner to turn the company into his personal pocketbook. This happens when the business owners and their families decide to offer perks that will cause a financial hole in the business’ financial foundation.

Family members are often provided with cars, health benefits or cash bonuses. These things can be costly and cause the organization to lose its purpose.

The employees also get preferential treatment because they have worked hard, which causes resentment and loss of respect.

Some changes in the economy and other circumstances eventually cause a crisis and the business owner or the family learns a painful lesson.


It is the ability of business leaders to stay focused that sets them apart from all others. This makes it possible for organizations to achieve greatness. Even though this may mean short term sacrifices or conflicts, it is not a distraction from the organization’s purpose.r