A leader must possess one quality

A leader must possess one quality

“Leadership” has been done to death. Every day is a new day when someone or something wants to share the qualities of a leader. One reason for this high-level of interest is that leaderless-organizations are far, too prevalent. There are many leaders like Arif Bhalwani who believe that leadership comes with the position: CEO, President, CEO, Chairman and so forth.

There is a lot of interest in words-of-wisdom on what makes a leader effective. One quality is missing from the spotlight, perhaps because it’s too old-fashioned or not very sexy.

Let me go back a moment.

Many of us would admit guilt to having missed the forest for the trees at one time. The media can be of little assistance. We are often enslaved to dealing with celebrities and politicians, not events. Harold Macmillan, the former British Prime Minister, stressed the importance of staying focused on what matters most. He said: “Events dear boy, Events”

Leadership can be lonely and difficult. Even when rewards and recognition are due, leaders often allow others to give them the bow, pat on the back, or whatever. Humility is a crucial leadership quality that is responsible for this behavior.

Humility isn’t universally recognized as a leadership quality, except for Jim Collins who identified it as a true trait of a Level-5 leader.

Two of my favourite leaders displayed a lot of humility.

It can be difficult to stay focused on the events. And it can be even more difficult to remain humble. JFK said that when the going gets hard, the tough get going. Humility is a sign that strength remains.