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Welcome to my Home and Garden blog.

Hi everyone, my name is Jon, and welcome to my Home and Garden blog.

I’m a long time blog reader and have been following many different home and garden blogs for years, getting some great tips and tricks on things to do with my home and garden.  I’m constantly passing on some of these great tips to friends, plus telling them other tips and tricks of my own.  Recently I was reading aloud a blogpost and turned to my wife to comment on a different tip they could use when she asked me why I didn’t just create a blog of my own to share these tips with the world.  And voila Codexgeo – Jon’s Home and Garden blog was created.

I have recently just finished helping a friend renovate their house to sell, and used to work as a landscape gardener, so I have lots of experience to share with you. However I also want this blog to be a community blog where everyone can join in and share ideas, tips and tricks.  So if you have any great ideas or want to guest post please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading, Jon.

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