These killer strategies will increase YouTube views

These killer strategies will increase YouTube views

Your job as an internet marketer in video marketing does not end when your video is uploaded to YouTube. You will need to have a strategy that helps search engines find you spot in order to increase YouTube views.

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These are some suggestions that many people don’t know:

Add annotations to your video. Annotations are the little boxes that appear in your video after you have started watching it. Log in to YouTube and navigate to the “account management” section. You will find a list with all your videos on this page. Click the Edit button to edit the video you are currently working on. You will see “annotations” at the top of your screen. Click that button. Next, click the “add annotation” button. You will be presented with a range of options. Choose one. You will now have a box in which you can type your text. Start with your keyword phrase. Then, you can enter whatever information you wish to share with the viewer. You can also choose the time at which the annotation should start or stop. You can click the “publish” button to save your changes.

An annotation box with your keyword is one way you can help search engines find your keyword phrase. Your ranking will improve the more your video is directed to one keyword.

You can increase YouTube views by changing the captions

Select the video that you wish to change in your Account Manager Section. Another great strategy to increase YouTube views is to modify the caption settings. YouTube will create a written description of your video and place it in their transcript file. YouTube does a horrible job of this. After you have reached the page for your chosen video, click “captions” at the top. Either you can write the transcript on your computer at home and upload it to YouTube or you can simply enter the text directly on YouTube. A “track name” will be required. You will also need to enter a “track name.” This will allow search engines to find your video. Once you’re done, click “Done”.

Allowing video comments to increase YouTube views

You can allow people to leave videos in your comment section by going to the Account Manager Section. Check the box that allows video responses. People will be interested in tagging your success if you get many views. You can promote views by posting your video to other comment boxes. Allow others to comment on your videos. This will increase your chances of getting more views.

Increase YouTube views with consistent effort and consistent posting…

You need to have a consistent uploading strategy and provide new content in order to increase YouTube views. My recommendation is to keep your public videos under 5 minutes. But, you should make sure that your videos are only 5 minutes long. Every video should make you an expert in your field. As mentioned previously, a great strategy is to comment on videos that are popular with a video comment. Do the same. Search YouTube for similar videos. If you find one that is popular, leave a comment along with your video.

It is more than I have shown in this article. Please leave a comment below if you are interested in learning more. My YouTube video will walk you through the process. Thank you! Thank you!