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Home-made fire lighters

Home-made fire lighters

Nothing can beat a nice BBQ on a sunny day with your friends. But sometimes it is quite challenging to get the fire started properly. Therefore most people will probably use fire lighters. They simply are convenient and get the matter started within a couple of minutes. But at the same time they contain a vast variety of artificial additives and substances, which you wouldn’t want on your steak. Trust me.


They literally are small, chemical bombs containing a wide range of by-products of mineral oil processing like kerosine or even petroleum. That’s one reason why some people are using liquid fire starter or gasoline as a helper. But this is even worse. It is absolutely dangerous and not advisable at all!

To avoid all that hassle, just make fire lighters by your self. It is actually way cheaper and done in no time. All you need are the following things:

  • an empty egg carton
  • sawdust or wood shavings
  • wax or some old remains of candles

Fill each single slot of the egg carton with with the sawdust. Mark sure you to press it slightly. Instead of the sawdust or wood shavings, you can use other flammable materials such as wood wool, nutshells, scraps of paper or even oat flakes and Cornflakes.

Next use a small pot to melt down the wax until it is totally liquid. If you are using small tea candles, just put them directly onto the stove. Finally pour the wax slowly over the sawdust, so it can soak it up properly. Let it cool down for about one hour and you are ready.


Once made, using them is quite easy. Just tear off one or more pieces of the carton and light them up. The sawdust in conjunction with the wax burns long enough to fire charcoal and wood.

Welcome to my Home and Garden blog.

Hi everyone, my name is Jon, and welcome to my Home and Garden blog.

I’m a long time blog reader and have been following many different home and garden blogs for years, getting some great tips and tricks on things to do with my home and garden.  I’m constantly passing on some of these great tips to friends, plus telling them other tips and tricks of my own.  Recently I was reading aloud a blogpost and turned to my wife to comment on a different tip they could use when she asked me why I didn’t just create a blog of my own to share these tips with the world.  And voila Codexgeo – Jon’s Home and Garden blog was created.

I have recently just finished helping a friend renovate their house to sell, and used to work as a landscape gardener, so I have lots of experience to share with you. However I also want this blog to be a community blog where everyone can join in and share ideas, tips and tricks.  So if you have any great ideas or want to guest post please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading, Jon.