Steps to Dry Your Wet Cleats Fast

Steps to Dry Your Wet Cleats Fast

Like other shoes, cleats can also get wet. It is not a good idea to play in wet shoes. It won’t be fun to wear wet shoes. You can also cause irreparable damage to your shoes if you allow moisture to collect. You can dry wet cleats using a little bit of care and some household items. These are some steps to dry your shoes.

Lean the laces.

To access the inside of your shoes, first loosen the laces. The cleats will contract as they dry. This places a lot of stress upon the seams. You can reduce stress by loosening your laces. The air will travel inside the cleats.

Take out the insole

Once you have taken out the insole, you can dry it. You can dry the boot faster by exposing it to air. To dry the insole, wrap it in paper towels or place it in a window.

Use a damp towel

To remove dirt, mud, or grass from the cleats you can use a damp towel. Be sure to remove the mud as soon as it dries. It will be much more difficult to remove mud and dirt that has become solid. To remove the mud, you can soak the towel in water.

Drying your clouts

To dry your shoes quickly, you can stuff newspapers into your cleats. You should not stuff too many newspapers, as this can cause the shoes to bulge. To prevent the shoes from shrinking, you can simply put some newspapers between the cleats. You can place a newspaper between the tongue and the laces.

Place your cleats before a fan

If you place your boots in front of a fan, they will dry quicker. This will speed up drying. However, it is not a good idea to dry your shoes in damp or humid areas. Dry air is the best way to dry your boots.

New pieces of newspaper should be used

To speed up drying, you can add a piece of newspaper to every 2 to 3 hours. A newspaper that is wet will not be able absorb more water. You can dry your cleats quicker by changing the newspaper over and over.

Avoid Direct Heat

If you expose your cleats to heat, they will be permanently damaged. To put it another way, don’t dry your with a dryer, hair dryer, or oven. You can cause irreversible damage to the cleats if you do this. It is not a good idea for your boots to be dried quickly. This will cause leather to become wrapped or even damaged.