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Hi everyone, welcome back to CodexGeo, Jon’s home and garden blog.  I’m Jon and today I wanted to talk about my favourite plant, the Orchid.


Orchid species.

There are over 700 different genera of Orchids.  With between 25,000 and 30,000 different species of Orchid, and over 100,000 hybrid varieties.  Over 10,000 of these can only be found in the tropics.  They have Although they all follow the same patterns, and genetic make up, Orchids come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.

The most common species of Orchid is the Phalaenopsis Orchid, otherwise known as the Moth Orchid.  This variety can be found sold in supermarkets, and comes in either white, or a purple pink shade.

Another common species is the Dendrobium orchid, typically found in Thai restaurants.

Orchid Care.

Looking after Orchids is not quite as hard as some people think it is.  There are a few rules you need to remember when caring for your orchid, and it does differ depending on the type and variety.  For example when caring for a Paphiopedilum or a Cymbidium, you would want to keep the soil surrounding the orchid moist at all times, but when looking after a Phalaenopsis or Ascocenda you would want to soil to be almost dry between each watering.

One of my favourite Orchids is the Vanda Orchid.   It’s similar in shape to the Moth Orchid, but has a white top, for the upper 3 petals, and the lower 2 petals are a light burgundy.  In the Centre of the flower there are red speckles.   Absolutely stunning.

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