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Interior design trends for 2017.

Hi everyone, welcome back to home and garden blog.  How’s everyones January’s going so far?  I’m loving the winter feeling in the air, especially with the albeit-small amount of snow we got last week over here in the UK.   January is also one of my favourite times of year.  I know everyone talks about that clean spring feeling, and having a spring clean, but I much prefer to have a good January clear out.  And finish off my Pest extermination!

This year I’ve been throwing away old pieces of furniture.  I’m planning on re-doing my living room over the next couple of weeks so am making room for all my new purchases.  MY first purchase?  A beautiful new sofa I bought for pretty cheap  from an online sales website; The reason I’m redoing my living room is that I’ve been so inspired by the Interior Design trends for 2017, and I wanted to share my favourite trends with you.


My Favourite Interior Design  trends of 2017.

  1. ‘Greenery’ The Pantone color of the Year for 2017.
    I’m loving the vibrancy and fresh feeling of the color chosen for 2017.  There’s been some great colour schemes knocked up by Pantone as well showing the versatility and ease of use that this beautiful colour has.
  2. Butterflies.
    As seen designed by Sasha Bikoff in his SoHo department and in some beautiful butterfly print containers by Pols Potten, butterflies are fluttering back into all of our lives.
    interior design butterfly
  3. Mixing patterns.
    First seen in the fashion world at New York fashion week for Fall/Winter 2016, this trend will be found all over interior design elements and I can’t wait to see the different mixed pattern accessories and textiles that invade all our living spaces.
  4. Different Textures.
    An interesting revival set to steal customers back from online shopping to showroom shopping is through different and unusual textures.  This year expect to see a lot more fabric manipulation in individual pieces.   Think Pleats and folds , and intentionally large stitching.  Velvets, Heavy Cottons, Leathers and Luxe Yarns.
    interior design velvet
  5. Navy, navy.
    Where black has in previous years been the common accent colour or finishing touch, this year will be all about Navy.  Unlike Black, which by now feels slightly dated, Navy feels modern yet traditional, pairing well with nearly any colour scheme and helping to make rooms feel less small.
  6. Put down the Tools.
    2017 will see far less DIYs flooding your social media.   This year designers are moving away from Pinterest, and Etsy and moving towards more high end artisanal items.
    Craftsmanship is the name of the game, and you should be expecting to see a high level of expertise and a high quality in the pieces you buy this year.  Think Investment rather than quick fix.

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