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Tips for household pest control

During different seasons of the year we are generally visited by vermin in our homes, from cockroaches, mice, ants or bed bugs. However calling out professional companies in the field to deal with your problem can be expensive. Tips for household pest control

Prevention is obviously the superior strategy. You can start by purchasing detection monitor traps or even using more traditonal methods, such as garlic to stop mosquitos. Garlic can also be used to keep ticks and fleas from any household pets you may have. If you only get the odd mouse visit your kitchen occasionally just set a standard mouse trap or glue board, they are not the brightest animals! For insects you can purchase a light system that will attract them and put a few volts through them to do the job for you.

In more serious infestations you may need to call a professional company, who will spray pesticides inside and outside of your property to remove the unwanted pests. Depending on how bad your problem is, and particularly if you have small children you may want to move out until the job is complete.

Bed bugs can be a big problem in many countries and can be resolved with spraying standard insect spray available in any mart. After treating the mattress, leave outside in the sunshine for a few hours.  Lastly, ants can be stopped by blocking and sealing all entrance points, putting down ant killer at any points on entry into your home for the ants. Finding the ants actual nest and removing it would be the best conclusion, however not always possible.


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